Fall decor trends to try on the East Coast

Deborah Nicholson of Deborah Nicholson Decor+Design, based in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, suggests that as the nights grow longer, well-proportioned, quality light fixtures will help with providing a warm welcome and enhancing the beauty of your home.

There is a fall crispness in the air that reminds us of apple picking, leaves turning wonderous colours and, of course, the return of pumpkins.

With a little help from some experts, you can easily incorporate some of these elements into your home, following the top design trends for the season.

Melisa Yale, who owns ReFresh Home and Design in Wolfville, N.S., says from her perspective, many of the fall’s trends focus on all-natural items such as leaves, natural textiles like linen and wool, colours of fall and paint colours of olive green.

Using fall leaves, with their bright colours, is a simple and inexpensive way to decorate your home, says Yale. Filling a large minimal vase with some branches of fall leaves is the easiest way to add a warm, natural touch at home.

Lori Byrne, a designer with Costandi Designs in Truro, N.S. agrees, saying to shop outside. Use branches, leaves, acorns, and natural elements as fall accents in things you may already have around the house like vases, bowls and baskets. Stop at your local farm stand and grab lots of pretty pumpkins and use those both indoors and outside.

“If orange isn’t your colour, feel free to give them an upgrade by painting them with inexpensive craft paints,” suggests Bryne.

Even more creative, Yale suggests using naturally dried grasses or flowers for centerpieces, such as wheat, wood flowers and pampas grass. Byrne suggests displaying them in warm neutral vessels or amber glass bottles.

Colours can range from neutral yellows and browns to bright oranges and reds.

Another way to bring in natural elements, says Deborah Nicholson of Deborah Nicholson Decor+Design, based in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, is by creating an oasis with hanging plants, living moss art, and indoor gardens.


Melisa Yale, owner of ReFresh Home and Design in Wolfville, N.S., suggests stringing wooden beads together to make garlands, with natural cotton tassels. This creates an inexpensive decorative touch to add around a candlestick holder, door handles, table lamps or casually tossed on your fall dining table. - SaltWire Network

Byrne suggests adding texture and warmth with accent pieces like wicker and rattan or wooden serving pieces. Include textile art on the walls – like macramé, weavings or ethnic wall hangings – she says, as this adds texture and depth.

“Think of something different from usual prints and posters,” says Yale.

Yale also suggests homeowners consider buying a handmade piece of textile art as a focal point.

“For a really original result, you could purchase a piece of local artisans work such as macramé, moss art or felt art,” she says.

Feng Shui for the fall

by Suzanne. According to Feng Shui principles, she says, fall is the time to thank the people that helped us along the way, then eliminate whatever we no longer need in order to complete our personal harvest.

The fall is the time, she says, to invite positive chi (energy) by bringing in some of Mother Nature’s beauty. Replicate the colours, materials, and textures in your home with some of these suggestions, says Stewart.

  • Change the bed linens to a heavier weight natural fabric.
  • Safely situate a few candles around the house to replicate the sun’s rays in addition to letting in the natural light.
  • Switch your light bulbs to a warmer hue.
  • Integrate orange, burgundy and brown colours in the home’s decor.
  • Place a few cozy blankets within reach while relaxing.