Home accessories to give your interior a stylish upgrade

It’s not hard to see why we’re still so obsessed with the handmade style: while the classic handmade lampshade is still a staple of this trend, there’s a growing number of products which take advantage of handmade, including sofas, cushions and statement mirrors. And while the classic handmade style may be associated with old-school glamour, there’s a new wave of boho-style pieces to enjoy, too.

Even though the handmade style may lean towards the more maximalist side of things, bringing one or two handmade pieces into a minimalist space can also be a great way to make a decorative statement without overdoing it.


A best choice for decorating your kitchen. Get ideas from old Vietnamese lamps

Combining colors with gentle yellow lights will make the kitchen space more warm


A basket will make the bedroom more neat.

If you’re not a fan of vibrant colours and statement pieces, this boho-style basket from La Redoute is a great way to bring the handmade trend into your home.