Grass Straw

Grass Straw

  • Grass Straws in the Mekong Delta River
  • Length: 18 ~ 20 (cm)
  • Inner diameter: 4-6.5 (mm)
  • No chemicals/pesticides/preservatives used
  • Can dispose in food waste bins

Product of GULTIG CO., LTD

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    • BIODEGRADABLE : Reduce Plastic Waste By Replacing Single-Use Plastic Straws With Grass Straws. 100% Biodegradable And Environmentally Friendly So There’s No Hard Feelings When It’s Time To Throw Them Away.


    • SAFE & NO CHEMICALS: Grass Straw made of Lepironia articulata. It is organically grown and harvest, without chemicals or BPA & Toxin to make clean inner straws which commonly found In plastic straws. Great zero waste straws for kids and all adults!


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